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surrealism and science
"thought is one and indivisable" (Péret)
Occasionally some people have referred to some kind of contradiction between scientophilia and scientophobia within surrealism. To say that, for example, Breton, Césaire, Colquhoun, Baskine, Seligmann, Artaud, Miró, Péret, Legrand, Jouffroy, Brauner, Chazal, Tarnaud, Jouffroy, Dax, Carrington, Mabille, the majority of the french, czech and latin american surrealists, were against science and Paalen, Mabille, Matta, Rybak, Brunius, Jennings, Davies, Pailthorpe, Hérold, Caillois, Leiris, Nougé, Senecaut, Masson, Ernst, Onslow-Ford, Seligmann, Jorn, Breton, perhaps the majority of english, belgian and scandinavian surrealists plus the whole groups of Dyn and La Main à Plume, were for science is extremely superficial. The function of the thematisation of science in the works of individuals may be predominantly polemical or predominantly curious, but this is only about where individuals like to put the stress. (And any such sorting, such as this one here, will be extremely dubious as it necessarily extrapolates from mere hints in their works, from anecdotal evidence and from the most stupid denial of ambivalence and conflicting data.) The surrealist viewpoint in itself in its historic continuity is fairly unproblematic as long as the questions asked are made more specific.
1. Surrealism is passionately in favor of reality, truth, and the the natural world, and has a distinct taste for empirical data, documentation, objectivity.
2. This taste for documentation and objectivity is often expressed in a pseudoscientific style and pseudoscientific attitudes.
3. Surrealism has no longing to reach inside academic or other institutional structures.
4. Surrealism has no particular love for instrumental rationality or simple logic, but uses them in its quest for knowledge and for everyday purposes just like everybody else.
5. But it also challenges them and remain interested of whatever seems to counter them, get missed by them, be hidden behind them, get unleashed by abandoning them.
6. Surrealism is very often elaborate in its praxis of designing experimental methods, but usually in a more or less improvised way. Methodological concerns do come in, but are only occasionally an important focus.
7. Just like real science itself (but unlike the education system, mass media, and all the other pillars of ideology production) surrealism is very sceptic towards large generalisations based on scientific results and arbitrary applications of detached scientific results on other aspects life, and towards identifying one’s own world view with truth.
8. Surrealism is suspicious, critic and vengeful against all systematic ideology production, where the one carried out under the banner of science is but one, but a fatal one.
9. Surrealism is curious about all unusual thinking. Not for its own sake but for the possibilities of new poetic and epistemological revelations, and secondarily for the disturbance of habit in general as a method of triggering unknown dynamics.
10. Even though its own methodology is usually not that systematically developed, surrealism tends to agree with its “house-philosopher-of-science” Gaston Bachelard that new knowledge is produced foremostly by abandoning prejudice and making epistemological leaps. In one sphere, this is one of poetry’s functionings. In another, this is where the specialised natural sciences investigating our world work.
11. In that sense, surrealism has many reasons to appreciate and make usage of the marvellous worlds of for example particle dynamics, spacetime theory and the whole of quantum physics, scientific cosmology and astronomy in general, meteorology, systems ecology and microbiology, evolutionary theory and genetics, plate tectonics and geomorphology, quaternary geology and palaeoecology, cladistics and probability theory, cybernetics and general linguistics (just because these are the examples mentioned in “Hellchoir”). Such disciplines are creating coherent mythologies animating natural forces in a sense which is counterintuitive but makes poetic sense to our sensory and imaginational experience.
12. Some frameworks making sense of the world are called myths. Their poetic substance do not reside in some purely aesthetic perception beside truth, nor in any profound traditional truth which is fundamentally opposed to autonomous critical examination. They are in themselves not superior to the scientific framework, nor are they inferior. In mythology as well as in science, some domains are revelatory, liberating and poetic, while some are mainly dull or oppressive. Many surrealists are personally more interested in either myth or science, and may from that viewpoint also investigate scientific aspects of myth or the mythical aspect of science. The classic surrealist method is to snatch poetical elements from both, integrating them in a framework ordered by purely imaginational imperatives. But some surrealists keep warning about the ideological and social implications of many such thefts, potentially reproducing various available exotistic ideology or even create a new system of hostile liberal integration into an aesthetic framework; which are valid points even though the specific cases of surrealist appropriation may possibly well elude them. Some surrealists here insist on the need of deep knowledge of the framework in selected other worldviews, or of the principles of science – often surrealism may benefit from epistemological or methodological or comparative points made that way, just as much as from the poetical elements.
13. Thus, surrealism loathes and opposes all ideology and especially narrowminded instrumental reductive confinedly rationalist ideology, but loves the systematic and poetic study of the natural world.

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Found Image By Kime?

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"Largely due to the lapses in activity and the inability to overcome such obstacles I officially resigned from the Portland Surrealist Group on January 13, 2008. On January 14, 2008 MK Shibek and Morgan Miller dissolved the Portland Surrealist Group. Since I was not part of the group at the time any questions regarding the dissolving of the group should be directed to MK Shibek []. Shibek and I plan to meet in the spring or summer to begin discussing and constructing a zine collecting the various documents we have collectively created throughout the Portland Surrealist Group's existence. Shibek is also planning on putting together a project called The Castle of Argol, which I believe is intended to promote collective creativity in the surrealist vein. I am personally hoping to finish a second issue of Black Giraffe by the end of 2008. This issue should contain more poetry and art, and less autobiographic entries. Surrealist greetings, Brandon Freels"
Welcome to USA
Is waterboarding a modern euphemism for baptism???
"Ah, convert the infidels!"

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No one to give a shit



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"A monkey's brain controlled a robot's walk. By connecting the brain to a computer through electrodes, scientists decoded the monkey's walking signals and programmed a robot to respond accordingly. Results: 1) The computer learned "to predict with 90 percent accuracy all permutations of [the monkey's] leg movements three to four seconds before the movement takes place." 2) A single hour of practice with visual feedback trained the monkey's brain to organize its neurons so that some controlled its own walk while others controlled the robot's. 3) The brain "started to absorb the representation of the robot's legs" as though they were its own. Next projects: 1) Training humans to "operate an exoskeleton with their thoughts." 2) Training monkeys' brains to "feel" the movements of robotic legs. 3) Combining these technologies in fully functional artificial limbs. (Related: The arrival of mind-reading machines.) "

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A horse-head of marble comming through the wall in Greenpoint, Brooklyn...

east germany, DDR

Assemblage by HARL


Object by Michelle Monreal

"By Bruno Jacobs"


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“Immun mot kadaverlydnadens likgift är blott den vars trohet mot den levande kroppen följs åt av förtrogenhet mot kadavret. “
- Ilmar Laaban


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Tectonic Ox
Dub / Experimental / Down-tempo

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A found cartoon...


a collective drawing

an exquisite corpse

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"I see no light."


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"Many are the paths we travel. Whoever observes and compares them will see marvelous Figures emerge; Figures that appear to belong to the great Cipher-script we see everywhere: on wings and eggshells, in clouds, in the snow, in crystals and in the formation of rocks, in freezing waters, on the inside and outside of mountains, of plants, of animals and of human beings, in the lights of the heavens, on panes of pitch and glass when stroked or struck, in the filings around a magnet and in the strange conjunctions of Chance. In these we find a presentiment of the key, of the grammar of this Miracle-script. .." --NOVALIS, c.1800 C.E.

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S.M.I.R.K. Movie Theatre
exposing capital's underbelly — with popcorn


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...the burgeoning mimesis contains a miniature slightly dented divining rod for solem resuscitation in the invaginated nerve centers of pink children a composite projection in every strata reality holding the pink childrens elongated fingers atop the externally elongated rectus of a bitter satyriastic mantichora!
...once an intra-emetic earth lizard in the extraneous puzzle once the impulsive gaze blatantly used for egoistical purposes eliminate symbolic protrusions of glass fibers uncoordinated eyes to enter as streaks of light and illuminate the fishskins deep from within the mapari-rhomb-brains! the mole he will go into those mental concepts like the perverted dear venus of spores the godmother of flesh who remains in the vision even when the intoxication is gone she incinerates the eggs they mimic to conceive slumped solidity in conspicuous mastiff-organs their lips lips circulates in puppet particularly sensitive mandibul-cord fingers in embryonic igneous the anus of your flower massages to form an elastic labium from the inside to relax them as the petal muscle of pain is inserted into the amid septa the orbicularis oris and thus exists in a par thalamus it is even harder this base-matter of our bodies!
... let us devour some heterogeneous elements univocally a combination of rhiza-growth and bitter uremia to increase the problem implemented along this gridiron path on our collective journey through no vacuity gridded all over the internal spaces the noise-massage signifies the protracted translucent in its un-translatable meta-textual illumination:
"The interior finger was once a little doll, a root, a nimbus cloud, a psycophant lost in saturnalian satyriasis elongated in narrow haah haah haaahs..."!

...with its chignons intact the cherubic way the celestial arcane the labium arcanum the mysteries of the lip must envelop all things in visible garments and spoken garments ready to be revealed by the mystical intuition mutating molecules of an invaginated drosophilian mind it forms an invisible line across existences as all this negative matter with an absolute divergence henceforth all desires are exploitable!

... from the buddhist temple in dhama pali to little nemo in dreamland a diaphanous structure will be woven astringent and worldly proclaiming the vis inertia of civilized man to delineate methods of lucid wakefulness to document the less known workings of this draconian called the drosophilian mind here then is the totality of the fusional attributes of mind as well as the continuum that fixes the single substance talked about as time to the externally evoked trepidation named space the meandering ruptured contemplation the masks of the tremulous conclave dead being disciplined being stuffed in holes in clouds of flesh!
... touch the uvula through those mildew stained nostrils as a gust of air ventilate the vastness of the vessel the vagina of the lamb naked but full of circuits and oils to change the direction of the lipid sound massage at this point into a flux of smallpox on the brain a virus virtual in the mind or a girder full of vermin perhaps that slip out from under the occult palm of the revealed maladroit sephirot maiden dressed in silk pink fish skin!

...rotate her head regularly without changing the angle of time meanwhile space in the conclave called the palate cave operates along a bone-white casing of energetic parallels a multitude of holes out of which the chaotic puppet body will resurrect as the coral serpent over the crowd a prominence of concordance as the single bifurcating elevation that will bring to the living the solitude of the dead the angst of a palpable substance which stems in the hyaline waters where the body black may grow old as its transcendence widens its orbit expand and then when it beholds the universe pluvial when this ever increasing membrane of flesh human flesh gathering its fragments into en ever enlarging mass as it was once nurtured in the womb of Sol it will not even be a memory!

... here in the estotilandian necropolis of decaying words decaying as an absolute ruler of artificial conditions pink children will reproduce to develop a common species known to the automaton as 'e-mobile persons!
Is the future unseen?

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Fantastic Planet Fragment

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