Sunday, June 5, 2011

Symbiotic Lime-Stone Quarry Phantoms

- Yes my marble eyes are still working

Nerves of my pain
Embedded in this street
Where you are strolling

The Surrealist group in Stockholm, with friends, invite to their exhibition

Location: Nationalgalleriet, Skomakargatan 3 in Gamla Stan

Opening: Saturday June 11 at 18 - 21

Opening hours June 12 - 18 15 - 21


Paintings, drawings, collective projects, sound, scents, video sculpture and poetry readings near the place of the skull.

Book table in the gallery with publications from the 25-year history of the Surrealist Group.

Sphinx Bokförlag presents the newly republished swedish translation of Surrealismens manifest by André Breton.


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