Saturday, April 16, 2011

For the last 500 years, Western Civilization has been wearing rationalism as a sword to ‘estrange’ the existences it does not understand, which are located in the basements of the world, before destroying them. Because far-off strange things are unsafe, they are wild, they are not like its own, they are neither elegant nor smart, as a matter of fact they are not civilized. Therefore it mobilized campaigns, made demagogies, performed witch-hunts against the strange, and tried to ‘clean’ what is strange.

This civilization was built on a positivist, mechanized, uniformed approach and the harsh prejudice of self-righteousness. But the times are changing, the new millennium has the dynamics not to bear the burden of this dilapidated heritage anymore and to throw it from its back. The campaign started against the Turkish Surrealist Movement, its Destruction 2011 event and finally its spokesperson has turned into an 8-page untrue indictment prepared by a self-appointed public prosecutor, and is now looking for an accomplice to execute it. The lies, slanders, defamation and demagogies contained in said indictment are not unfamiliar to us. What disgusts us is, however, that this ugly call to lynch us attempts to belong to Surrealism we adore. It’s a pity!

We make ourselves clear: an arrogance which tries to excommunicate what it doesn’t like, what it cannot control, what it cannot govern is an imperialist arrogance. We are open to debate all kinds of notions with honest people, not liars and slanderers.

This dilapidated building built on intolerance will be tumble down now, because we are adventurers who hit the road with a new dream for the world. The flowers of riot that grow in Tunisia and Egypt are signs of the rising 5th Sun, just like the Destruction 2011 actions.

Therefore we laugh very loud from here, Turkey of the world, at those who want to destroy the Destruction, because DESTRUCTION IS UNSTOPPABLE!

Crazy love is unstoppable!
Unlimited dreams are unstoppable!
The power of temptation is unstoppable!
Brave diving into the depths of subconscious is unstoppable!
The expedition to find Gnosis is unstoppable!
The Surrealism boom of the 21st century is unstoppable!

The rage of no demagogy, no lie, no defamation, no slander can destroy the growing new poetry of the new millennium!

We invite all Surrealists, libertarian poets, independent artists, autonomous groups, crazies, lovers and children in the worldwide to the festival we will organize in May.